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Celebrate life today like there's no tomorrow

About Us

Troy HaslingerIs life really good no matter what? What if your wife or mother or sister died at the age of 39 after a short battle with cancer? Would life still seem good to you? For most of us the answer would probably be no; and that’s why I want to tell you about my sister Holly Haslinger Sneider. Because even in the midst of a losing battle with colon cancer, my sister’s unwavering motto was: “life is good, no matter what.” Her fighting spirit is what motivated me to start the Life Is Good No Matter What™ charity to give adults with a life-limiting cancer diagnosis a break from the daily grind and constant reminders that their lives now revolve around treating cancer. Holly was an amazing mother, sister, daughter, wife and aunt. She would be proud of the work we are doing to create joyful memories for those fighting cancer.

No one wants to be told they have cancer and certainly no one wants to imagine their life ending as the result of it. We at Life Is Good No Matter What™ want to help you forget, if only for a few hours or a few days, that cancer has taken center stage in your life.

Our desire is to help you fulfill your idea of whatever that “escape from cancer” may be for you — tickets to your favorite rock concert, a weekend getaway, a trip to Disney World or a ride in a hot air balloon. If you can envision it, we want to try and help you live the experience.

Life Is Good No Matter What™ is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, which means all donations to us are deductible. We rely on the generosity of donors and in-kind gifts to help us achieve our mission. Please consider a gift to Life Is Good No Matter What™ so that we can continue to fulfill our worthy mission.

For 18 months Holly battled and had an amazing attitude, but her cancer never ceased. Our charity is meeting a need that she never had the luxury of experiencing. Although my sister lost her fight in 2011, she would be proud to know that her simple slogan became the catalyst for this organization built solely on the principle that life is good and worth celebrating….no matter what…..because happy memories really do last a lifetime.

Troy Haslinger
Troy Haslinger  •   Founder


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