Life Is Good No Matter What™

Granting Escapes to Adults with Advanced Cancer of Any Kind

Crystal's Experience

Crystal went on her escape to Cleveland and received an amazing meal and a VIP tour of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Crystal also had an amazing night away at a wonderful hotel.

Kathy's Experience

Kathy went out west to visit San Diego with her husband Kevin. They enjoyed Pacific Ocean breezes, delicious food, the San Diego Zoo and a limo ride.

“I have very large medical bills due to my cancer returning for a second time. There is no way I wuold have been able to have such an amazing escape to San Diego. Thank you Life Is Good No Matter What™! We had an amazing time and are so thankful for your organization”

Dawn's Experience

Dawn and her family went to Newport, Rhode Island, to enjoy whale watching, historical tours and amazing food.

“Thank you Life Is Good No Matter What™ for an amazing escape. It felt great to get away with my family and not have to worry about my daily battle!”

Jeffrey's Experience

Jeffrey asked Life Is Good No Matter What™ to send him and his wife Karen to the Grand Canyon to escape his battle with prostate cancer.

“I wanted to renew our love where we were engaged at the Grand Canyon 25 years ago. We had an amazing time visiting family and enjoying a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon! Life really is good no matter what! Thank you Life Is a Good No Matter What!”

David's Experience

Because of your generosity, David and Jean had a wonderful trip to Savannah this spring. They spent their time relaxing and taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the South. On top of all of the wonderful treatment that they received from the people in Savannah, a very special person from the Olde Pink House made the impossible possible. David and Jean had to cancel a fancy dinner the night before their return home, but they were surprised with an elegant lunch at the airport!

“It was a gift and a blessing to have this time away from all worries and responsibilities. People ask me about the experience and I tell them it was lovely, beautiful, wonderful, the most relaxing time we've ever had – and then I run out of words to describe how great it was! But they can tell – because I can't stop smiling! – that it was healing in ways that can't be measured.” – Jean

“Having the time away with just us was a blast from the past when everything was possible and our future looked bright. Being on the trip can only be describe as a heaven on earth with blue skies, green trees and grass, the hint of a cool breeze, and clear days with plenty of sunshine. I have a better understanding of the term southern charm. What an unexpected gift for us from “Life Is Good No Matter What™” – Thank you!”

Kelsey's Experience

“It was so nice to not have to think about going to the doctor or being sick. As an avid Disney enthusiast with a background in theater, I truly believe that with faith, trust and pixie dust, anything can happen.”

Shanesha's Experience

In April 2015 Shanesha Escaped to California with her son and nephew to visit her sister and see the sites.

“I am so grateful for the organization Life Is Good No Matter What™. It was amazing. We all needed that break – both the boys and me. I hope a lot of other people get to experience some of the joys I had.”


Raemalee's Experience

“My daughter and I had a wonderful time! It was an experience we will never forget. I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our manicures and pedicures, massages, luxurious hotel and food! Life Is Good No Matter What™ is such an amazing organization.”


Jim's Experience

Life Is Good No Matter What™ treated my family and me like VIPs. I needed an escape and am so thankful to Life Is Good No Matter What™. Our time in Amish country is something that will put a smile on my face forever!”

Terry's Experience

Terry enjoyed a limo ride from his home to The Diamond Grille in Akron, Ohio, with his mom, a close friend and partner. Pink Petal Florist from Akron supplied a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the occasion.

“I just don't know what to say, it's just beautiful, thank you so very much, I can't say it enough, wow just so impressed, thank you!”