Life Is Good No Matter What™

Granting Escapes to Adults with Advanced Cancer of Any Kind


Gary Hunt's Escape

Akron to Las Vegas

In February, Life Is Good No Matter What sent Gary Hunt to Las Vegas with his fiance, friends and daughter. Gary also had a brother in Las Vegas and this added so much to his escape to be able to visit with him. It meant the world to Gary to have his daughter who was about to graduate from high school with him on his escape. The group enjoyed eating at fantastic restaurants while taking on the sights of the strip.

Ashley Williams' Escape


Ashley had always dreamed of taking her daughter Payton to Disney, LIGNMW sent the two of them along with Ashley's parents for a magical escape. Ashley and her family were able to enjoy time away and make magical memories.


David West​'s Escape

Navarre to Maryland

David West, his wife TaJuana and the couple's children were able to enjoy a couple of days away at a beautiful lake house right on the water. Being able to enjoy his family, the great outdoors and eating delicious food was something the West's enjoyed.