Escape Recipients

Chris's Escape


Chris and Stephanie have been married for almost twenty years and have raised two twin daughters and a son. Of his wife, Chris writes, “She is my life’s blood, and the who keeps me strong. She keeps my spirits up, can keep me laughing when I would otherwise cry. She is my hero. There’s no one in this world I love more.” His dream is to tour the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, have dinner on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, visit the JACK Casino, and dine at Morton’s. “This would mean a lot to me because it would allow me to create a lasting memory with the woman I love most. I hope it can be a time we can escape cancer.”

It was incredible, amazing, unbelievable. Words just cannot describe how wonderful our Escape was. And the Ritz-Carlton’s French toast was best I have ever had!

Mike Emery was 10 steps ahead in preparing us for every venture. He is a genuinely kind man with a big heart. By the end of our Escape, he felt like family. Thank you Mike!

Thank you Life is Good No Matter What for this amazing opportunity. We are humbled and our hearts are full.

We thank JACK Entertainment, Morton’s The Steakhouse, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum for their donations toward this Escape!

Patti's Escape


Everyone who meets Patti can’t help but be amazed at her strength, energy, and joy in life. A single mother who recently graduated from nursing school, her dream has always been to take her son Parker to Disney World. He is a remarkable young man who heads his own foundation (Parker’s Purpose), and Life Is Good No Matter What is making sure that Patti and Parker can have four memorable days escaping storm troopers, fighting pirates, and getting their photos taken with Mickey!

Dan's Escape


Dan’s favorite team is the Cleveland Indians, but his real passion is his family and friends. So his dream was to have a party at the Kalahari Convention Center for his friends and family with a “take me out to the ball game” theme for a few hours of food, music, dancing, community, and laughter.

We can’t thank you enough for out amazing Escape. It was over the top from beginning to end. We are so blessed and appreciative to have this special day from Life Is Good No Matter What!

We thank Sean Berry, David Johnson, Julie Funaki, Dick Heilman, Jennifer Poklar, Bob Obringer, Diane Obringer, Michael Obringer, the Akron Rubber Ducks, Cleveland Indians, North Coast Litho, Jacq Connect, and Jon Roan Photography for their donations toward this Escape!

Kristine's Escape


After seeing her youngest daughter graduate from high school, Kristine’s next goal was to welcome her son Drew in person when he returned to Pearl Harbor from a six-month deployment as a submariner in the US Navy on the USS Charlotte. The six-hour time difference makes phone calls a challenge, but through Skype, she was able to view his barracks and meet one of his buddies. While she cherished those moments, she deeply desired to be with him in person, hug him, see where he lived, where he worked, where he liked to hang out, who his friends were … all the things a mother likes to do with her child.

Because of your generosity, Drew had someone who loved him waiting to welcome him when he he got off that submarine! What a joyous experience!

JoAnn's Escape


JoAnn’s fondest wish was to revisit St. Petersburg, FL, where she and her husband had wintered for eight years. While there, they wanted to rejoin their friends at Liberty Baptist Church and attend Sunday morning service and Wednesday Bible study. In between, she wanted to sit on the beach, feel the warm air on her face, smell the salt water, and see the dolphins swim again. “The laughter of friends that we enjoyed will lift the spirits and make for pleasant memories.”

We can’t thank Matt Pugh [her Escape planner] and all of you enough for granting Mom her Escape. You truly are angels on earth. Thank you so much for what you folks do and the happiness you give to adult cancer folks.

It was so nice to be able to forget about mom’s cancer and to see what joy was inside her when she was able to see her church family in Florida. What a special “Ahha!!” moment she had because of what you all do! She could find a deep peace inside her to let go and let God take over the rest of her short life.

What kind-hearted and loving people you are!

JoAnn Thompson’s Family - AKA: Gramie Jo’s Angels Marv, Sue, Dave, Mark, John, Patty, Terri, Kelly, John, Emily, Erica, Amanda, Taylor, Tucker, Daniel, Erica, Ella, Lily, Nick, Alecia, Brooke, Mike, Lauren, Bradley, Garrett, and Jamie

Jeff's Escape


Jeff and his wife have been raising his step-son’s daughter Sevenna since she was a baby.

“We have been Sevenna’s Daddy and Mommy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this little girl with all my heart! I play with school with Sevenna. She is the teacher and me the student. It doesn’t matter how well i do in her school, she always flunks me! I play dress up and salon with her which consists of her painting my nails, putting eye shadow and lipstick on me, and when I had hair she put colored hair ties in my hair.” Jeff dearly wanted to take Sevenna to Disney World so that she would could have that lifetime memory with her Daddy Jeff.

Lucas's Escape


A rustic cabin in the middle of nature, a cup of coffee in front of a fireplace, a time of peace and togetherness with his beloved wife Emily … Lucas’s wishes were simple and we were able to find the perfect location: the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina! “To us, being in nature is relaxing and allows you to forget about the stresses in life and just enjoy the beauty around you.” Adds Emily, “Living with cancer definitely takes a chunk of our schedule, but it will not break our spirit. Along with our cat Furious, we live and love every day.”

Thank you for choosing my wife and me for a cherished experience. My wife and I needed an Escape from reality, and you provided that, leaving us nothing to do but relax and enjoy! The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina were beautiful and provided us with the peace and tranquility we needed.

Thank you again to the Life is Good No Matter What organization and a speical thanks to Joy Seifert, our travel afficionado!

Arvell's Escape


Arvell Green had floor seats donated to him so him and his family could enjoy an action filled Cleveland Cavaliers game. Life Is Good No Matter What had a limo pick him up at his home where his dad and sister were able to attend with him. The three of them were so grateful to be able to spend a night together where they didn’t have to worry about anything else except to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. One of Life Is Good No Matter What’s board members Marc Rosen attended the game with Arvel. After attending the game, Marc stated, “What an amazing evening of laughter, joy and celebration. This young man is so courageous.”

Crystal's Experience


Crystal went on her escape to Cleveland and received an amazing meal and a VIP tour of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Crystal also had an amazing night away at a wonderful hotel.

Kathy's Experience


Kathy went out west to visit San Diego with her husband Kevin. They enjoyed Pacific Ocean breezes, delicious food, the San Diego Zoo and a limo ride.

“I have very large medical bills due to my cancer returning for a second time. There is no way I wuold have been able to have such an amazing escape to San Diego. Thank you Life Is Good No Matter WhatWe had an amazing time and are so thankful for your organization”